Hello everyone

A bit later than hoped but I finally found the time to upload my blog! This one is about the first event which took place in Gran Canaria, I had prepared this just after the event. Hope you like it!

After a long competition brake the competition season has finally started!! The PWA season is back ON with first up Gran Canaria.

I’ve been almost 3 weeks on the Canaries now and I felt pretty well prepared for the Pozo event. Over the winter I made some big steps forward again in my waveriding but I was not to happy about my jumping yet, which in Pozo is almost the most important part of the competition.

I managed to start of the contest really good with my best heat of the event against local rider Joseph Pons. He definitely is one of the better/best jumpers out here in Pozo. After that heat things didn’t really went my way anymore. Losing against Victor Fernandez (defending world champion) isn’t a shame but it’s always nicer to lose when you had a good heat than a bad one. The wind was so strong in that heat I didn’t have any control anymore on my 3.6. I wish I had my 3.3 S-1 Pro, sadly enough it got stuck in customs at home just before the event… And I can tell you that I really missed that sail! Guess I’ll have to wait  for an autumn storm to get it out in a contest (Slag om Domburg maybe?)!

In the double I had a good opportunity to work myself up again. Unfortunately I couldn’t get passed Moritz Mauch because I just couldn’t find a good wave. I had one good size wave where I made the mistake to go for a Goiter rather than sticking to turns and taka’s. When I did it I knew that it was a missed opportunity and although I still had 7 min in my heat I didn’t get another wave to pull up my scores. In the end I now that I have the possibility and the level to make the top 10 but things just didn’t go my way this time in tricky Pozo conditions.

Gear wise I was mostly on my new 76 liter Ultra Kode L.C.F. and S-1 Pro 3.6. The 76L is probably my most all-round board I have in my whole quiver. I use it probably 80 – 90% of my wave sessions because of its amazing range. I can use it from 3.3 pretty much all the way to 4.8 !

The event itself was amazing again and a big thanks to the Moreno Twins for putting in the effort to put up such a big event, year after year!! Congratulations to the winners Philip Koster and Daida Moreno & to Lena Erpenstein for her first Podium finish ever after sailing better and better every heat!!

Till Next year Gran Canaria!

GC17_ls_MISC_0317 GC17_ls_MISC_0022 GC17_wv_B35_0099 GC17_wv_B35_0537 GC17_wv_B35_0554 GC17_wv_B35_0552 GC17_wv_B35_0540 GC17_wv_B35_0539GC17_wv_B35_0555

All pictures by JC/pwaworldtour