Living as a professional windsurfer allowed me to travel the world at a young age. Yet the only place I was seeing most of the times was the beach, the water, my accommodation and the way back & forth to the airport. Meaning I was traveling the world but not seeing it.

After 3 years of doing this I decided it was time to change this and bought myself a camera. With the goal to see more than just the beach & learn to explore more off the world than I knew so far out of a different perspective.

With some tips of friends, a curiosity for photography it became an ever growing passion next to windsurfing and ultimately became a way to express myself to the outside world. Just like windsurfing it has an endless learning curve where your imagination is your only limit with every day a new possibility.

My biggest passion in photography are definitly action sports in particilary water shooting to be right in the action with the ability to anticipate moves better in windsurfing due to doing it myself.

Further more I enjoy shooting landscapes & lifestyle shots where I try to fit in with the environment of the subject/person to get as natural looking shots as possible with a depth of field as main goal


Being based in Tenerife I have an amazing playground with endless possibilities and here is where I will share this journey..


Probably the subject I shoot the most – being a windsurfer myself at a high level gives me the advantage to predict actions & movements from riders before they happen. Further I can express easily what I want to see as a photographer to the rider and give well timed instructions. With an experience of Marketing & working for Severne for several year I know very well the essence of product placement as well.



Finding that different perspective & walking of the path to do so.
With a camera in the hand the views only get better, you see things you wouldn’t notice otherwise and look for different lines than simply the ones that are right in front of you.
It gives the world that extra perspective which you would miss out on otherwise


There is nothing as fascinating as trying to catch a persons true personality on a still.

Catch them on the moment they least expect when they are in an environment they familiar with and where no attention is being giving to the camera but just towards the moment itself.

Doing so out of a perspective or a moment they don't expect themselves makes it even more rewarding when they see the end result afterwards.