For the last 5 years I have been running multiple camps in my home town El Médano, Tenerife which provides perfect conditions for several disciplines.

Each masterclass is based around a topic with the goal to have as many people possible from similar level learning together in improving their skills on the water.


Clinic dates are based on tides & the best periods of the year to get the most chances for wind & waves.

The 2 most common subject I cover are

- Intro into Wave

Advanced Wave

For August I will have both subjects in August

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12 - 17 AUGUST 

The intro into wave Masterclass is there for all those that want to step from the lake to the sea or want to improve their wave riding & jumping in the easy going conditions of the bay of el medano in front of TWS & the harbour wall which offers more side shore wave riding conditions in a safe environment.

This all under the concept of 4 days off coaching out of a 6 day window to choose the best days of the forecast.


Minimum requirements for entree:

  • Footstraps & harness comfortably
  • Waterstarts
  • Going upwind & down wind without problems
  • Jibing , doesn't need to be consistent
  • No previous experience on the sea is required.

What will the Intro into Wave cover:


  • How to pass waves
  • Improving jumping control
  • Improve the fast tack
  • First step into wave riding & improving your wave riding
  • Improve sailing upwind sailing 
  • Safety breefing about wave sailing
  • First forwards & backloop attemps

And much more


DAY 1: Introduction day + group sailing session.

Everyone meets together at the TWS Center around 10.00 a.m. to get an introduction of the spot, a look at the forecast & determine the goals of the week.

There will be a short theory lesson followed by a group sailing session to get a feeling for everyone’s level & adjust goals where needed.

First pointers will be given & notice points for the following day will be given.

In case of no wind on the first day we will start dig further into theory on the beach with the simulator to set everyone up for the windy days.

The 2,3 & 4th day: coaching on & off the water.

In general, on the windy days, we will be doing max. 2 sessions on the water each day from roughly 1,5 hours/2 hours each. This very much depending on the conditions at hand & how participants feel like. It’s not mandatory to attend all sessions, since I know it’s your holiday as well!

During atleast 1 of the 2 sessions I will be filming from the beach (most likely the first one) & giving signals to come to the beach and give a quick debriefing/feedback on the sailing.

At midday, where possible we will do a quick video analysis (key clips) followed by a second session where depending on the conditions I will join on the water or do extra filming with short break on the beach for extra feedback.

In the evening I will sort out all the footage and upload on a dropbox.

The following morning we will run through all the key clips& set up goals for the day.

IN CASE OF NO WIND - We will focus more on theory and land similation. There is always a lot to learn even on the days without wind!

In case of lighter winds (non planning winds) we will still hit the water to run light wind excersizes.

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19 - 23 AUGUST 

The Advanced Wave is there for the windsurfers that already has experience on the sea & now want to learn how to sail more high end spots like the worldcup Spot El Cabezo or want to take their wave riding & jumping up to the next level.


Working with the concept of choosing the best 3 days out of a 5 day window will gives us the best chances to choose top end conditions for this camp & give everyone the best possibilities to improve their skills during the week with both on & of water practice!


What will the Advance Wave cover:


  • All the in & outs of the worldcup spot El Cabezo & Harbour wall. where to enter, what are the dangers , what waves to pick etc.
  • improve your jumping control
  • improving your wave riding in side onshore conditions.
  • Improving or going for the first forward & backloops or any other jump you have in mind.
  • This & a lot more


Min. requirements for yourself are:


  • Footstraps & harness comfortably
  • Waterstarts
  • Going upwind & down wind without problems
  • Jibing , also on smaller wave boards
  • Basics of jumping
  • Previous experience on the sea is required!


If in doubt if your level is sufficient for the camp feel free to contact Dieter by e-mail on dieter.vandereyken@outlook.com



4 days coaching 450 euro



3 days coaching 350 euro

What is included in the clinic price:

  • 1 groups dinner with 1 drink consumption included
  • Special designed coaching camp T-shirt
  • All video footage from during the week
  • designated dropbox video folder with example clips used during the camp
  • Loads of windsurfing knowledge!

Not included in the price:

  • Accommodation
  • Gear insurance (this can be done through VDWS on arrival)


INTRO INTO WAVE : 8 persons

ADVANCED WAVE : 6 persons

Registration is complete when pre-payment has been made. More information will follow after filling in the google form below.


Feel free to contact us by e-mail on dieter.vandereyken@outlook.com

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